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Dedicated to Providing Quality Laboratory Services

Analytical Projects

Trust the experts at Med Set Labs to carry out difficult projects.

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We can develop clinical solutions or any group, patient population, or organization

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MedSet Labs is certified and experienced in providing superior quality

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Our clinical staff use state of the art technology and instruments

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Clinical Immunology Laboratory

Our processes will be tailored to best fit your needs, and we will assist you by answering your important questions.


Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

Trust the experts at Med Set Labs to carry out difficult, non-routine analytical projects equipped to support research.


Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory

We develop customized protocols, methods, and processes tailored by advanced-degree lab scientists.

Med Set Labs has served over thousands of patients all over the U.S.

Our clinical process is robust and ensures the highest quality possible. We work with CLIA and COLA certified labs to provide the highest standard of service.

Our lab team and clinical staff is equipped to handle any health related need. If you are interested in learning more about what we can do or who we are, please email us below.

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